Hydrotherapy Treatment

Studies have shown that by introducing infants into a hydro pool (as early as two days old) helps babies become more self-confident, strong and intelligent. Being in the water allows the baby to move freely in a unique way. The ability to simulate crawling, walking, rolling ect without being held or manipulated into the movements, the brain creates billions of new neurons and neurological pathways.

The floating sensation is especially therapeutic for newborns, as the environment mimics floating in the womb. For a prematurely born baby, each session strengthens the baby’s heart and lungs, in turn supporting healthy brain, muscular and organ development.

Babies that have hernias (protruding belly buttons) will also benefit as flotation strengthens the core in turn reducing and sometimes completely puling the belly button back in. The ratio to child is one instructor to three children in the hydro pool, however the instructor is not in the pool.

Bath time routine prepares baby for aquatics, in these exercises there is no floatation device. Moms and dads are shown movements that they can do with baby in the bath while they are bathing together. The ratio to child is one instructor to child in the hydro pool

And finally, we end our sessions off with a massage

With a combination of massage and stretches, the treatment strengthens, and tones muscles, improves digestions, sleeping patterns and constipation. We will also offer specialised massage for babies who are recovering from colds and flu as an example. The oils that we use will be homeopathic from Lillian terry. This will also be on retail for moms on premises.

Babies in floatation therapy
Baby under water

Babies have now had their inoculation’s and can join mom in a pool. We feel it is a great bonding time to explore the water with mom and dad in a heated pool. In these ages they will practice 10 aquatic skills in each lesson.

Every lesson will have directive play and be adapted to focus on a certain skill predominantly. As the skills are mastered a progression will be added. The ratio to instructor will not be more than one teacher and 4 adults with children. In the big heated pool

This pool is heated between 36 – 38 degrees Celsius. It is uv and carbon filtered every 15 minutes to sterilise the water, an ozone chlorinator as babies’ skin is too sensitive to add in conventional pool chlorine. Babies from 6 weeks up can float in this hydro pool.

Baby swimming under water with mother
mobile hydrotherapy

We provide the benefits of Hydrotherapy in the comfort of your home. This therapy can be given to babies 2 days and older. Babies will float in a  sterilised tub that is filled on the day specially for them to ensure that their weak immune systems do not catch any infections. The water temperature is between 36 – 37.5 degrees Celsius.

Enrich your child with Infant Massage and FloAtation therapy

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