what is infant hydrotherapy and what are its benefits?

Infant hydrotherapy is a natural therapy that boosts a baby’s physical and psychological development. It strengthens the bones and muscles of a child and promotes a strong bond between parent and child. In addition to its emotional benefits, hydrotherapy helps a child’s digestive and circulatory systems. The water therapy helps new-borns develop their sensory systems, and it decreases their time in the neonatal intensive care unit. Infant hydrotherapy is also especially beneficial for premature infants. The warm water helps to strengthen the muscles and improve coordination. It also stimulates the immune system. It is especially effective in helping a child overcome colds and flu therefore it can be extremely beneficial in winter or during the sneezy spring season. Infant hydrotherapy works wonders for babies who experience colic, reflux, or low muscle tone. The water allows babies to play unrestricted and is also beneficial for cognitive brain development by connecting the left and right brain. In addition, hydrotherapy improves digestion and respiratory functions.

All about our infant hydrotherpay class

Hydrotherapy is our 0 to 6 months class. It is based on putting your little one in the same kind of environment as being in the womb, this is very comforting for your baby and will boost their general wellbeing as well as their confidence. In this class, we focus on easing colic and constipation. Our Hydrotherapy classes also help will help with your little ones’ respiratory, kidney and heart functions. We also focus on the development of your little ones’ mental, physical health as well as their coordination. In our hydrotherapy class, we have our babies in our hydrotherapy pool and a teacher watching as well as guiding them.
Hydrotopia hydrotherapy for babies
Hydrotopia hydrotherapy for babies
Hydrotopia hydrotherapy for babies

Additional information on infant hydrotherapy

Babies are born with reflexes such as the kicking reflex and the ability to naturally hold their breath when submerged. They lose these vital reflexes if it is not continuously stimulated. Teaching these become harder the longer you wait to take your child to professional swimming lessons.

Infant hydrotherapy and aquatics are a gentle exercise that works the whole body, encouraging your baby’s muscle, lung, and heart development

Babies that begin hydrotherapy and aquatics early show long term health benefits in the form of better balance, catching and grasping skills

Infant hydrotherapy and aquatics encourage mental development. Babies that start swimming early are up to 15 months ahead of their peers in math, counting and language by the time they start school

Gentle exercise will help your baby to eat better and sleep longer

Sadly, drowning deaths are common in South Africa. Taking your child swimming from a young age will teach them to become more aware of water safety


  • Gas and colic
  • Constipation and elimination
  • Growing pains and muscular tension
  • Teething discomfort
  • Cramps
  • Physiological flexion

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