Why is learning to swim important?

Swimming is not only a sport that some children do. Swimming is a life skill that everyone should have. We never know when we could be in a situation where we would have to swim. We have a few reasons why swimming should be your child and your activity to master.

Firstly Swimming teaches you water safety, water safety is knowing how to act when you encounter large bodies of water. It is important to know what to do when you are close to a body of in order to help those in need if there is a bad accident.

Secondly, swimming is great for your physical strength. Swimming aids in keeping your heart and lungs healthy and growing.  Swimming also has a big impact on the flexibility of a teen and it will improve the overall physical health of any person at any age.

Thirdly swimming is great for your mental strength, it boosts hand-eye coordination and helps build discipline and self-independence.

Not only is swimming a great skill to have on your side, it also builds a great sense of community and friendships. Swimming is an activity that is enjoyed by babies right up until the elderly and we can see why.

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