Why baby massages are good for your infant

Having a baby is probably one of the most amazing things we can do as parents and we all know the first thought when our little one/s is born is I want to do everything in my power to give this little human the best of everything. That is why we believe the best way you can express your love for your baby is through a massage, being close to your baby is so important especially in their early days, they rely on touch and scent to be close to you.

We have developed our own technique for infant massage and we have highly trained professionals,  that will guide you and show you how to massage your little one, now I know you might be thinking but why is it important? Let me explain a little further.

Firstly the massage help to aid in developing the sense of closeness with their parents.  This massage will build a deeper bond with your baby. We do recommend that starting with baby massage classes as early as possible because of its benefits.  Building a strong connection with your baby is so important for both parents.

Infant massage is beneficial for your bub to reach their developmental milestones like holding their head up, rolling over, crawling and then walking. It stimulates the muscles and helps them become stronger. It will also help babies’ distress and loosen their joints or muscles.

Our last reason why infant massage is beneficial is that it can relieve bub from many different aches and pains. Baby massage is known to help colic babies, teething issues, constipation just to name a few.

On a final note, a massage after a bath will also relax you and your baby and will aid in giving you both a good night’s rest. Book your baby infant massage today and reap the benefits of learning our techniques

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