We use a pediatric approved floatie which is inflatable and not rigid. The floatation supports the babies chin and back of the head above water. in the water your baby becomes almost weightless. This floating position helps release physiological flexion from being inside the womb from the neck down.

The water is purified with Ozone Purification. Ozone removes germs, wastes, odours and tastes without using any chemicals which would be harmful to your baby’s sensitive skin. It is also UV and carbon filtered every 15 min to ensure sterilization.

We follow all necessary pre-cautions to keep the facility hygienic.

Ensure that your baby is well rested before his/her session. The session should ideally be right after a good nap and had a feed 30 – 40 min prior to their session. We offer a private feeding room which you are more than welcome to utilize if need be.

Please arrive at least 10 – 15minutes prior to your scheduled time to complete some forms and give your baba a top up feed if the need arises. We will provide the towels and disposable swim nappy for infants.

Yes, this is such a unique experience which is lovely to share with friends & family. You are welcome to take pictures and videos, however we recommend that you spend this time bonding with your baby.

We facilitate infants from 2 days old up until 6 – 8 months of age in hydrotherapy. Babies 4-6 months will benefit from bath time routines and 6 – 30 months will benefit from aquatics.

Your baby will dictate the length of the session, however we do have a calculated method of gradually and safely increasing the time period in the pool to ensure that your baby’s strength and stamina is built up gradually without over stimulation. The more regularly baby’s come for hydrotherapy and aquatic sessions, the more they extend their time in the water, the more they benefit from the sessions. Expect to spend about an hour of your day with us.

We recommend at least once a week in order to take advantage of all the health benefits. Discount packages are available if multiple sessions are purchased in advance

Enrich your child with Infant Massage and Flotation therapy

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