Swimming Lessons Edenvale

Swimming is a skill we should all learn and master. Swimming is beneficial for many reasons, it helps your little ones with building their muscles, coordination, and respiratory functions to name a few. We are a trusted swim school offering swimming lessons for babies, teens, and even adults in Edenvale. Let’s have a look a little more in-depth what each age group has to offer and what we want to achieve.




Infant Aquatics is our 6 months and older class. This class will create a wonderful bond between mom/dad and baby as mom/dad is in the class with his/her little one. We focus mainly on water safety in this class and getting your little one ready to swim on their own. Having your little ones join swimming classes at this age will help boost the self -confidence and their social skills. Each class will be focused on a certain set of skills and we allow for one teacher in the pool with about 4 parents and their little one.


Learn to Swim is our 3 years and older class. In this class, we focus on getting your little to swim independently and confidently. Swimming from the age of 3 will help boost your little ones’ confidence and muscle strength. We focus mainly on stroke techniques, like breaststroke and backstroke. In this class, your little one will have the freedom to become a stronger and more confident swimmer.

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